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Pocket Crochet is an crochet app to keep track of all your projects wherever you go.

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Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese

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An app for knitters who want to track all they work on on their phone

  • Add multiple rowcounters to a project
  • Import a pattern pdf or an image (or both!)
  • The app will remember where the last part of the pattern you were on and the screen will stay switched on automatically
  • Add pictures and reference photos to a project
  • Zoom in on a rowcounter and full screen mode available
  • Make annotations, scribble or use stamps on your pattern
  • Add your yarn of choice, color number, batch number etc
  • Archive or delete projects when needed


If you created an account for cloud support and wish to delete all your stored data, please send us an email. Please state your email address and if you wish to remove your backups in the cloud as well.

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tiers & pricing


The base app is totally free. You can use all necessary features to knit and take your project anywhere! You have access to row counter, reading lines, pictures, yarn stash, all that magic!

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Wool & Cashmere

We have two tiers for people who would like to use the app for their business, like timers, customer management, and we ask a small, one time fee to offer these. You also get access to two additional themes for your app with cashmere.

Cloud storage

& Synch

After great demand, we decided to offer cloud storage and synchronize between devices. As these are paid services for us, these are offered on a subscription base. However, these are by no means mandatory. We also provide a back up and restore functionality for those who'd rather not.

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This app is designed and developed by the Dutch duo Nienke and Rick, the former an avid crocheter and designer, the latter her software developing husband. Easily to see how this app was born.

Nienke found most apps not completely to her liking and we'd ultimately decided to try our hands on a new app. We started building our crochet app first, but of course we also wanted to develop an app for all knitters out there.

If you have questions about the app, have ideas for improvement for the app or are stuck in any way, please drop us a line and let us know via e-mail!

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